Yesterday just before the Laphroaig
tasting at “The Highlander” with the Whisky Consultants (maybe stuff
for another post) I went to “vomFaß” to get my “Whisky Advent
Calendar 2015”. I’ve heard about this last year in mid November but unfortunately all
were gone by that time. This year I set a reminder on my phone and called ahead
to reserve one.
I know that this is nothing new to many
people and I know that there are many different calendars with Whisky out in
the wild but I decided to go with this particular Advent Calendar mainly to
support a local business (I know that this is an international business but it
is operated as a franchise locally). It may not be the most beautiful one in
the world (although it is very nicely made and I like the simple design) and
there may be better one’s but I can remember talking to “The Whisky Dramalista”
(@whiskyrepublic on Twitter) in London and he said – as I mentioned earlier on
the blog – that Whisky tasting is as much about taste as about history and
(personal) stories.

So another reason to try their calendar is
a personal story I have with them. I had my very first Whisky tasting there. It
was a present from my best friend and buddy Peter. Well sort of a “tasting”
because we went there after work and had just half an hour for the tasting. And
we had six Whiskies. Should I mention that the rest of our way home was quite
funny? But with this tasting my transition from a “Blended Whisky
(sometimes even with coke) drinker” to a “Whisky Connoisseur”

They tend to have less mainstream and
unknown Whiskies. I can remember that I tasted back then (must have been around
2009 or so) a Whisky from “BenNevis” a completely unknown distillery
to me at this time. I can’t even recall why I liked the Whisky but I do know
why I picked it and that I liked it. The reason for picking this particular
Whisky back than was that I thought the journey in the book “Journey to
the Centre of the Earth” started at the mountain Ben Nevis. Which is of
course wrong because it started in Island at the “Sneffels Yocul” as
everybody who read the book (I did…) should recall. But at that time I was
sure it was the Ben Nevis and looking back I’m happy that I made this mistake.
Interestingly the BenNevis is the only
Whisky I recall from that tasting. I didn’t make any notes back then… But in
2014 at a tasting from the Whisky Consultants there was a “BenNevis”
on the tasting line and I was thrilled to see that Whisky bottled by the Single
Cask Collection (an independent bottler from Austria!). It was a 18yo Whisky
matured in a sherry butt and I liked it very much. In fact I bought a bottle
right away and it is still in my Whisky cabinet.

If your are waiting for a list of the
Whiskies you will be disappointed. I won’t post the complete list here even
that I have it (I won’t look at it either because I want to be surprised too).
Instead I will twitter every day in the morning (GMT) before going to work the
“Whisky of the Day” and in the evening after work a short statement
about it. And every Sunday I’ll update my blog with some more in depth tasting
notes from the Whiskies from the last week. Of course with some pictures and


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