In my last article I wrote about the Finest Spirits Festival in Munich, which I attended on February 21st. One reason for attending – maybe THE reason- was the Masterclass of Dr.Rothe. The following four Whiskys were waiting for us Whisky enthusiasts to be tasted:

  • Aberlour Select Cask Reserve
    15yo, 43%
  • The Deveron
    18yo, 40%
  • St.George’s pre-sample
    red bourgundycask, 8.5yo, 63%
  • Ardbeg Perpetuum
    n.a.s., 47,4%

But let’s stay on track! Precisely at 1 p.m. Whisky-Vicar Dr.Rothe started the Masterclass with a warming welcome and a short introduction on how this Masterclass will be held. He had already poured the four Whiskys into nice nosing glasses and there was a blue sheet of paper with some Numbers on it. This sheet was intended to write down our answers for the quiz. This wasn’t only a Masterclass where the collected money would be donated to the “Hospizverband Rammersdorf/Perlach” but also one of four prizes could be won. He was going to ask us Whisky and Church related questions and we had to write down the right answer. For each correct answer we would get a small pebble. The person with the most pebbles would win obviously.

Here are the questions and the tasting notes in the order we got them. The answers will be down below the article, if someone wants to guess. But googeling or using other sources of information – except the own brain- is prohibited!

1.Whisky Aberlour

1.Question: Which is the northern most working distillery of Scotland?

2.Question: Which saint started planting barley in Scotland?

3.Question:  How do you name -legally correct- a Malt Whisky made of Single Malts from different distilleries?

2.Whisky The Deveron

4.Question: Name the 4th commandment

5.Question: Name the fluid transferred from the mash tube to the wash back.

6.Question: How many vases of stone where at the feast in Canaan?

3.Whisky St.Georges pre-sample

7.Question: Name a working Scottish distillery starting with a “K”.

8.Question: Who sad in the bible, about Jesus:  “Look, a glutton and a drunkard”?

9.Question: How high is the amount of alcohol by volume traditionally to fill the New Make into casks?

4.Whisky Ardbeg Perpetuum

Only one -not me- managed to get all nine questions right! I got six out of nine, just as three other in the Masterclass. So we had five winners but only four prices: A Laphroaig, a Dalwhinnie, a Glengoyne and a New Make from the newly built Kingsbarn Distillery. The clear winner choose first and took the Glengoyne. As I got on place three, number two decided to take the New Make. I had to decide between the Laphroaig and the Dalwhinnie but I decided earlier that I would take the Dalwhinnie if I get the change to. The Whisky-Vicar’s puzzlement was clearly visible as none of us “wanted” to take the most expensive Whisky to win. I can only speculate on the motives of my fellow winners but I wanted to try the Dalwhinnie as I never had a Whisky from them. So the Laphroaig went to number four. But Dr.Rothe wouldn’t be the nice Whisky-Vicar he is, if he hadn’t thought of a price for the fifth person. He got the – because of this Masterclass-  already opened bottle of “The Deveron” if I recall the events properly. We managed to collect 330€ for the good cause of Dr.Rothe and I’m sure the “Hospizverein Rammersdorf/Perlach” was quite happy with the generosity of this Masterclass.

Slàinte, Lukas

Oh, here below the picture are the answers to the nine questions above. Tell me in the comments, how much you got right and be honest!

  1. Highland Park
  2. St.Columban
  3. Blended Malt Whisky (Vatted Malt is no longer allowed to use)
  4. Honour your father and your mother.
  5. Wort
  6. Six
  7. Kilchoman, Kininvie, Kockando, Knockdhu (Kingsbarns is producing but there is no Whisky available for now)
  8. Jesus himself (Mt 11,19 & Lk 7,34)
  9. 63,5%

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