Dear Whiskydiary

Long time, no see, right? Well, I had some turbulent weeks behind me and as you can see I switched over from Squarespace to WordPress. There’s nothing wrong with Squarespace if you are interested in the cause for switching and abandoning my URL. But as I’m starting to study next month, I had to cut expenses. Doesn’t seem to be much, but you know, a few bucks here and a few bucks there…

I know, all the links here are broken, as they point back to my old blog and eventually I will be able to fix them all. But please bear with me as a new part of my life is going to start right now and there are more urgent things at hand at the moment than fixing links 😉

Eventually, I’ll start uploading new articles here too, but I guess not before November or maybe even December (the Whisky Advent Calendar might be a good point to start…), till everything has settled in.

I also use a new email address, which is, if you want to send me some lines. Could be anything, some words of encouragement, some ideas for new blog posts or whatever 🙂 Till next time! Slainte Lukas

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