Dear Whiskydiary

I mentioned in my last article, that I’m going to post once a month. Or at least try to. Well, I figured if I have the time, I can post more. So I decided to start of with a Tasting. I rearranged  my Whisky cabinet and this SMWS Whisky Classic Caesar Cocktail cough my eye. Probably because I’m trying to learn Latin at the moment. And of course there are some other lectures which refer to various imperatores, some of them had the said Caesar in their name. So lets dive right into the tasting. As you might know, the SMWS Code 66 (not the order 66!!) is Ardmore. Usually after I attended a Outturn Tasting with Thomas and Jutta, I buy the Whisky I liked the most. This one is one of them.

Nowadays unfortunately I have to say, I try to get the Whisky, sometimes they are out of stock even before the tasting. In the good old days Jutta and Thomas bought enough bottles and we bought them right from them. Some time ago the SMWS decided to demote Jutta and Thomas to “just” Brand Ambassadors. Every purchase has to be made directly from the webshop now. I wasn’t very pleased about this new direction, as many other members I know either, but it is what it is. But I digress, here’s what I have to say about this dram!

Classic Caesar Cocktail – 66.62

SMWS 66.62Distillery: Ardmore (Highlands)

Age: 16yo
Cask: ex refill Gorda (Sherry)
Alcohol: 56,6 %
Outturn: 615 bottles

Nose: First, this dram is very sweet, no big surprise after 16 years in a refill Gorda cask. After giving him some time, there are spices and dried fruits. Very intense and full! After the first sip there is some very faint and mild smoke?!?

Palate: Very full body, lots of sweetness but also some kind of dryness. Typically ex Sherry, no doubt about that. There’s lemon too, all very well rounded. I know it has 56,6% abv. but my palate says otherwise. Very gentle! But wait, I tried the age in years = seconds in mouth “rule” but I didn’t make it past 12 seconds. Wow that’s some dryness and spices!

Finish: Well, here’s no doubt that this fine dram has 56,6% abv. The finish is very, very long and warming.

Overall: Look at that colour! This one would have been nearly black, if it wasn’t a refill but a first-fill Gorda. I have to admit that I never had a Ardmore in my glass, but that doesn’t mean anything with the SMWS. The bottlings from them can match the typical taste of the distillery, or not. I like this dram very much. It’s gentle, yet intense. Lots of dried fruits, but also sweetness. Usually I tend to try my drams also with water, but I decided against it today. Maybe another time…

My rating: 23/23/22/22 = 90 out of 100.

Till next time, have a good one and

Slainte Lukas

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