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yesterday I attended the SMWS (Austria) Outtrun tasting for December. Some things changed in the SMWS since I became a member. I wrote about that in my last article over here. One other thing that changed was, that now the headquarters in Edinburgh are in control over the tasting line. At least which Whiskys are presented. Thomas and Jutta put together the “right” order for these five (there used to be six in the “good ol’days”…) Whiskys.

Datei 26.11.17, 11 29 26
The tasting line, from left to right: 76.135 – 7.191 – 46.57 – 60.27 – 53.245

Moment Of Serenity – 76.135

Distillery: Mortlach
Region: Speyside
Age: 16yo
Cask: 15yo in a Refill Bourbon Butt then for 1yo in a 1st Fill PX Butt
Alcohol: 55,1%
Outturn: 252
Flavour Profile: Sweet, fruity and mellow

Colour: Amber

Nose: Fruity but also a little bit dry. Some dried fruits and lemon, but there is also quite spirity. Don’t like that flavour. Some drops of water are quite useful as the spirit notes vanish after adding some water.

Palate: Toffee and spices, very full body and dry. With water there is even more sweetness and a little bit more spiciness.

Finish: Quite long, doesn’t change with water.

Overall: A nice dram, but I don’t like the spirit notes without water. They are not omnipresent but without them this dram would be much nicer. My advise: use some drops of water.

My rating
without water: 17/22/23/20 = 82 out of 100.
with water: 20/23/23/22 = 88 out of 100. 

A Mouth-Watering Temptation – 7.191

Distillery: Longmorn
Region: Speyside
Age: 12yo
Cask: 1st fill Bourbon Barrel
Alcohol: 61,2%
Outturn: 202
Flavour Profile: Juicy, Oak & Vanilla

Colour: Golden

Nose: Again, there’s spirit notes but this time much stronger. Some oak wood too, but that’s fine I guess. Else there are some fruit notes (lemon, maybe apple?); quite soft in the nose. Add some water to get less spirit notes (good!). Take some time after you added the water and the spirit notes will vanish completely.

Palate: Nice, there is sweetness (Toffee) and some pepper, very well balanced. Quite intense on the palate, too. Add water for more sweetness and savour it or wait some time for more spiciness and less sweetness.

Finish: Well, nothing special. It’s okay, not very long but okay.

Overall: This was my least favourite dram of the night. Way too much spirit notes, unfortunately. But as everyone at the tasting agreed, this is complaining on the highest possible level…

My rating
without water: 15/19/20/19 = 73 out of 100.
with water: 17/21/20/19 = 77 out of 100.
with water & time: 19/22/20/20 = 81 out of 100.

Relaxing In A Sauna – 46.57

Distillery: Glenlossie
Region: Speyside
Age: 24yo
Cask: Refill Bourbon Hogshead
Alcohol: 53,6%
Outturn: 214
Flavour Profile: Spicy & Dry

Colour: Golden

Nose: Little bit mouldy mixed with some scotch heather. Interesting as there is some fresh and fruity sweetness attached to it. Some spirit also though. But not as nasty as in the other two. With water the spirit vanishes and more fruit notes (apple) appear.

Palate: Quite strong on the palate. Also very sweet (Toffee and Malt) with some light spices. Water brings out more of the sweetness.

Finish: With water longer than without, but in both cases nice and warming.

Overall: Interesting dram, especially after I’ve learned that it had to sit for 24 years in a Hogshead and costs only £105…

My rating
without water: 17/21/20/20 = 78 out of 100.
with water: 20/22/22/22 = 86 out of 100.

A Truly Unforgettable Experience – 60.27

Distillery: Aberfeldy
Region: Southern Highlands
Age: 9yo
Cask: Refill Oloroso Sherry Butt
Alcohol: 61,9%
Outturn: 611
Flavour Profile: Spicy & Dry

Colour: Amber

Nose: Okay, this is going to be very very interesting. First there is Toffee, lots of Toffee. Secondly there is … Toffee, still Toffee. And there is Butterscotch. Also masses of Butterscotch. If you add some water you might get some additional flavours out of this dram. Maybe some spices and dried fruits. But they are faint, very faint. [Note to myself: I should have tried waiting a little bit longer. But on the other hand, I can re-taste this dram as soon as my bottle arrives…]

Palate: There they are! Some dried fruits, some spices and (of course) Toffee. If you want more spices, add some water. It reminds me of the Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask then. Very powerful and yeah you could say bold.

Finish: Quite short but very intense! With water it gets a little bit longer. Nice!

Overall: My dram of the evening! Sure as hell this is not for everyone. If you don’t like sherry, stay away from this Whisky. If you don’t like being hit by a “Toffee bat”, stay far away. But if not, go get it as long as supply lasts (so, not very long…)!

My rating
without water: 23/23/21/24 = 91 out of 100.
with water: 22/23/22/24 = 91 out of 100.

Bacon-Wrapped Marshmellows – 53.245

Distillery: Coal Ila
Region: Islay
Cask: Refill Bourbon Hogshead
Alcohol: 58,8%
Outturn: 334
Flavour Profile: Peated

Colour: Golden

Nose: Smoke, there is (finally) smoke (not peat)! Also bacon, smoked bacon, wet ash and some hints of apple. You know the smell of a freshly burnt match? Add some water and there it is… Also the dram gets a little bit smoother with the added water.

Palate: Smoked bacon on the palate too, with some moist oak wood, but also some Toffee. With water you’ll get more sweetness and more smoke.

Finish: With water shorter than without, but in both cases quite fine and balanced.

Overall: We decided it has to be a Laphroaig. Because there is smoke but no peat. But we were proven wrong (as so often with the SMWS bottlings). We had fun anyway, so it doesn’t matter if we were right or wrong. After reconciliation we came to the verdict, that Coal Ila is fine too.

My rating
without water: 20/21/23/20 = 84 out of 100.
with water: 20/22/22/21 = 85 out of 100.

As always with Jutta and Thomas it was a very nice and pleasing evening. Looking forward to the next tasting with them in 2018. During advent they don’t do tastings, also they still have lots on their hands after the big accident they had last year in September.
Till next time have a good time, all the best and God bless!
Slainte Lukas

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