Dear Whiskydiary

this years Whisky Advent Calendar is again from Marco Weber. As last year, there is just a number (obviously from 1 to 24) and a QR code on the tiny (2cl) bottle. Using a smartphone it’s very easy to get the information which Whisky is in the bottle. With that said, I’ll be presenting the Whiskys like I did last year. I’m going to post an article every sunday (like today) with all the Whiskys from last week. Of course I can’t start drinking Whisky on Sunday at 10 am, so obviously the Whiskys included today are only from Dec. 1st and 2nd. Next Sunday the Whiskys from Dec. 3rd to 9th will be posted. After that of course Dec. 10th to 16th and then Dec. 17th to 24th. These last Whiskys will be postet on Dec. 25th, on Christmas Day!

Also, I’m going to put the link behind the title of each day (so if you want to buy the Whisky, just click on the title) and in addition to last year I’ll put the name also behind my guess. So that you don’t have to open a new tab to see which Whisky it was. I’m not going to take a picture of each Whisky, you can see all the colours on my Facebookpage or at the top of each post here on my site (Day one is on the left, so you just have to count from there…) So here we go, these are the two first Whiskys:

December 1st

Coluor: light amber

Nose: Very fruity and smooth, some vanilla and oak wood. Gets sweeter with time. Add some water for more fruity notes and lemon!

Palate: Spicy but also Toffee, some apples and lemons. With water you’ll get less sweetness.

Finish: Quite long and warming. Also very smooth!

My guess: I’d guess this Whisky has to have some alcohol, maybe between 46 and 55%abv, 7 to 12yo and from the Speyside (maybe Ireland?).

The Whisky: Fettercairn (east. Highlands) 2006/2017; 10yo; 52,6%abv; exBourbon, then ~8m Madeira Hogshead (finish); Single Cask (107660/2006); n.c.a./n.c.f.; Whic UG

December 2st

Coluor: golden

Nose: Peaty and bacon, some Toffee, malted barley, lemon. With water less peat and more Toffee.

Palate: I’m thinking cold ashtray, smoked bacon, spices! With water there is some freshly baked bread.

Finish: Quite short, but warming.

My guess: I know this Whisky has to be from Islay, bottled with less then 46%abv. Age in the range of 7 to 9yo. After nosing I was thingking Kilchoman, after tasting I was more Laphroaig 😉

The Whisky: Smokehead The Rock (Islay); n.a.s.; 43%abv; exBourbon/Sherry; Ian MacLeod Dist.


That’s it for this short week, next Sunday there will be seven Wiskys here on the blog! Looking forward to the next days! Do you have any kind of Adventcalendar you want to share? Till next week, have a nice Advent and God bless!

Slainte Lukas

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