Dear Whiskydiary

Ten days are over, and as you can see, I updated also the main picture of my article 😉 As you might remember, the first Whisky was a very fine one (you can read about this one here) but the following were nice too! So here we go again, the Whiskys from December 3rd to December 9th in summary:

December 3rd

Coluor: dark golden

Nose: Fresh lemon paired with Toffee, but there is also just a little hint of some kind of glue…

Palate: Quite light but spicy mixed with some sweetness from Toffee.

Finish: Short but warming.

My guess: Bottled at or below 46%, from Ireland (or the Speyside), younger then 10 years.

The Whisky: Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky; n.a.s.; 40%abv; chill filtered; colour added; Glenfiddich Dist. (Speyside); this Whisky is made from ~90% Kininvie, the rest being Glenfiddich and/or Balvenie.

December 4th

Coluor: light gold

Nose: There’s Toffee, lemon, quite fresh”! Some oak wood appears after the first sip. With water there’s less Toffee, leaving lemon and oak wood, quite a nice mixture!

Palate: Spicy, chocolade and Toffee, very nicely combined. Also some pepper or so. With water it gets more spicy.

Finish: Long and warming, with water a little bit shorter but still OK.

My guess: 40 – 46%abv, Bourbon or something Scottish with Virgin Oak; 5 – 7yo.

The Whisky: Deanston Virgin Oak; 46,3%abv; n.a.s.; n.c.a.; n.c.f.; Deanston Dist. (Highlands).


December 5th

Coluor: light gold

Nose: Peaty with scotch heather, some Toffee and iodine. Soesn’t change much with water.

Palate: Cold ash from a cigar with some Toffee fudge. Also some spices and little bit of a lemon. With water it gets more spicy.

Finish: Quite long and warming, very nice. With added water little bit shorter.

My guess: First thing that came into my mind was Laphroaig, maybe 46 – 50%abv, 7 to 12yo, if not Laphroaig, definatly Islay!

The Whisky: Laphroaig Select; 40%abv; n.a.s.; n.c.a.; probably chill filtered; exBourbon, Sherry & PX casks; Laphroaig Dist. (Islay).

December 6th

Coluor: golden

Nose: Very floral, lemon(gras?), oak wood and honey.

Palate: Toffee, pepper, freshly baked bread, some maltyness and ginger.

Finish: warming, but not spectacular.

My guess: 40 – 46%abv, Ireland, 7 – 10yo.

The Whisky: Deanston 12yo; 46,3%abv; n.c.a.; n.c.f.; Deanston Dist. (Highlands); exBourbon.

December 7th

Coluor: golden

Nose: Fruity-sweet, some lemon and sugarcane(?), also some pinapple.

Palate: Very velvet, some spices and Toffee.

Finish: warming, OK but nothing special.

My guess: 40 – 46%abv; Speyside; younger then 10yo.

The Whisky: Glen Moray Sherry Cask finish; n.a.s.; 40%abv; Glen Moray Dist. (Spesyside); chill filtered and colour added; exBourbon, then Sherry cask.

December 8th

Coluor: golden

Nose: Floral, fresh with some chocolate and Toffee, little bit of New Make, also some nougat.

Palate: Lots of Toffee and chocolate, very sweet but also very velvet!

Finish: long and warming, nice!

My guess: 40 – 46%abv; Speyside; 7 – 10yo.

The Whisky: Glencadam Origin 1825; n.a.s.; 40%abv; Glencadam Dist. Co. (Highlands); chill filtered and colour added; exBourbon, then Sherry & Oloroso finish.

December 9th

Coluor: amber

Nose: Nougat, lemon, apple, very fresh and light.

Palate: Toffee, spices, maybe some ginger, also some oak wood. Well balanced.

Finish: quite warming and ong

My guess: Remindes me of a Penderyn I tasted recently. I’d say below 46%abv; younger then 7yo, probably in Sherry casks. Highlands, Wales.

The Whisky: Glenfarclas Team; n.a.s.; 46%abv; n.c.a./n.c.f.; Glenfarclas Dist. (Speyside); exOloroso Casks.


That’s it for this week, looking forward to the next seven Whiskys. Also, if you are a photo enthusiast or in need for a reason to drink some Punch, Michael and I are having our annual Christmas Walk on December 22nd in Vienna, Austria. Head over to our site at for more informations! As always at the end, I wish you a merry Advent and God Bless

Slainte Lukas

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