The last tasting of the season with the Whisky Consultants was called “Midlands”. And taking into consideration that it took place on December 7th, Michael decided to put into the tasting line the Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold. This Whisky should (or shouldn’t?!?) be tasted after putting it into the freezer, as the Distillery itself recommends. Don’t believe me? Go check out the video from YouTube!

Of course we couldn’t do that at the tasting itself, but I took some of the Whisky home to try it. As they recommended, I put the Whisky itself as well as a glass into the freezer. Right after I came home from the tasting. I would’ve loved to tried it right in the morning, but I had to study Latin. So I postponed the tasting till the evening. As you might know, I’m a chemist by profession and therefore I recorded everything very thoroughly. The Whisky was still in a liquid state, which was to be expected. I didn’t measure the temperature inside the freezer, but it was between 0°C (because the ice cubes were, well ice cubes…) and -31°C (were a mixture of 43% ethanol in water becomes solid; at least the Handbook of Physics and Chemistry told me that).

But it doesn’t matter really, because Dalwhinnie writes on the side of their packaging just “Chill a bottle […] in a freezer […]”. They don’t specify any temperature, duration or what so ever. On their website they show you a picture of a tumbler (oh boy), with ice cubes in it. This wasn’t shown in the video, so I decided to go with the video. No ice cubes for me. They wouldn’t have fit into my Glencairn Glass anyways… BUT they mentioned on their site that it “[…] works best served after 24 hours in the freezer, with a super-chilled glass.”, which I intended to do.

Usually I tell people to drink their Whisky at room temperature (20 – 25°C) because for you to smell you need the compounds of the Whisky to evaporate. The higher the temperature, the more evaporates. Also the ethanol (which boils at 78°C), so don’t heat up your Whisky to much. After 24 hours in the freezer, there wasn’t much to smell. But the viscosity (you know, if the consistence is like water or honey) of the Whisky was, well interesting. Also the feeling in the mouth (there wasn’t much of a taste in the beginning) was quite unique and interesting. Over time, some aroma eventually developed, but this was to be expected.

Now here is my verdict: From the standpoint of taste and smell it was more or less a bust. I didn’t expect much in the first place to be honest. Under normal circumstances this Whisky is quite drinkable and okay. Nothing special but also not bad. For me it was the fun factor what made my day. The Whisky behaved totally different in the glass as well as in the mouth. Especially in the mouth. I tried to come up with an description but failed, because I simply can’t find the proper words. It’s kind of velvet and refreshing but also totally strange (but in a weird nice way). My tip is, try it for yourself. Just put a small portion (as I did) in the freezer. Didn’t have to be the Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold, just any Whisky. I’d like to here what you think! Till next time, all the Best, God bless and

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