I can remember the moment I tried the first two expressions of the Glenfiddich experimental series at the Whisky Exchange Whisky Show in London. The XX was nice (nothing really special, besides the story about how it came together) but the IPA was really interesing. This was in 2016 and they are still available for a very reasonable price. And then the  Glenfiddich Winter Storm came along. It seemed that everybody was totaly hyped about that Whisky. So I decided to take a shot and try to get a sample.

Well, I wasn’t succesful till two weeks ago at the Finest Spirits Festival in Munich. There were some bottle splits on Facebook, but I was never fast enough to get a sample. Probably because nearly no bottles (of the 300 bottles, if I remeber correctly) hit the market at all. But Campari Germany had some with them at the FSF and so I managed to get a sample. Here’s my verdict about the very much hyped Glenfiddich Winter Storm:

Glenfiddich winter storm

Distillery: Glenfiddich (Speyside)LDA_20180127_FSF18-0015.jpg
Age: 21 yo
Cask: French oak Icewine cask (up to 6 months)
Alcohol: 43%
Colour: golden

Nose: There is oak wood for sure, but also some freshness, some sourness from lemons and a fine sweetness to it. I woudn’t have guessed but knowing it was in an icewine cask fits perfect to the aromas emerging from the glass.

Palate: It’s sweet and spicy, but also very velvet. Not to strong, quite balanced and also a little bit sour (and refreshing!). I’d say typically Glenfiddich, nicely made.

Finish: Middle-long and warming, quite nice but unspecatular.

Overall: Well, it’s not a bad Whisky by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it’s not exceptional either. On the other hand you might expect something more given the price tag. Sorry, it’s a nice, sweet and refreshing dram but that’s it.

My rating: 18/18/18/18 = 72 out of 100.

By the way, you can find a nice drawing how the Winter Storm was made on the website of the Distillery (or you click here).

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