Dear Whiskydiary

This time I have something different than the usually Whiskys, namely Gin. To be more precise, I have two Gins. And to be even more precise, they are both Dry Gins. As I do not know as much about Gin as I do about Whisky, you have to take a look at the Wikipedia article about Gin to find out what Dry Gin is (as I did and to be honest, the German site is a little bit more informative than the English one is).

The first Gin is the Carnuntum Dry Gin from Stefan Besser. He’s an Austrian distiller from whom I heard by an ex-colleague (who is his sister…). You can check out his Facebook site if you like. He started producing Gin quite recently, but I had the chance to try some other spirits from him too. They were all quite fabulous, so I was very eager to get my hands on a sample of the Carnuntum Dry Gin. The bottle is made from clay and it is black with golden letters as you can see. Looks fabulous, don’t you think?

The other Gin is made by Cistercian monks and named Monastic Dry Gin. Also quite new, but not distilled

in Austria but Germany. There is the priorate Stiepel in which the Gin is made. Stipel was founded by the monks of the famous Stift Heiligenkreuz and that’s how I heard about the Gin, as you might know, I’m studying in Heiligenkreuz. So I just went to the monastery shop while on break and bought a bottle. The bottle of this Gin is made to look like the habit of the Cistercian, quite a nice idea and it is Made in Silence!

Carnuntum Dry Gin – 43% abv

Well, there is juniper, but that was to be expected, or? But there is also lemon. On the palate, it is quite sweet (also juniper…) but at the same time a little bit pepper and just a hint of bitterness. Very refreshing and delicate.

Monastic Dry Gin – 42% abv

Guess what, there’s juniper!!! It’s a little bit harsher but fine. On the palate, it is also sweet, but only at the end. First, there is juniper and some citric notes. Also very refreshing but not as sweet as the Carnuntum Dry Gin.

There’s always a first time for everything, right? But it wasn’t the last time I guess. Of course, my main focus will be Whisky but sometimes I’ll broaden my horizons and try different things! Till then, all the best and

Slainte Lukas